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Titan Marketing understand’s that the creation of unique branded products is a service that is offered from countless sources, but we believe that we create the kinds of items that tell your brand story concisely yet thoroughly. We offer the best branded promotional items that will differentiate your brand from your competition. We source unique merchandise from the most unexpected places to bring you the most exclusive corporate gifts and promotional creations.

Keep Local

Where possible Titan Marketing do exactly what they can to make certain that our products are manufactured in South Africa. We are a South African company with a deep respect for our future and our heritage. For this reason Titan Marketing branded promotion items are made in the heart of the South African economy with South Africans top of mind. Our aim is to source local products at all times where possible helping to create a better South Africa.

Think Big

Our search for unique promotional items to offer our clients is a never ending one. We understand that in a world where there is a brand conversation clutter you’re looking to have those important one on one conversations that are exclusively between the brand and its consumer. This is why we will do our utmost to make certain that we will secure the very best products to be used as a medium with which you can display your consumer love. Our confidence in finding the right product for your brand is exemplary.

Our. Brands.

N obody understands the value of loved consumer brands like we do at Titan Marketing and that is exactly why we have developed key relationships with these kinds of brands to help our clients align themselves with the world’s best. Our offering is so vast that we will make certain that we are able to assist with anything that our clients might ask for ranging from Golf accessories to the latest in tech.
Puma Wear
Cutter & Buck
TaylerMade Golf
Titleist Logo
Srixon Golf
Watermen Pens
First Ascent Gear
The North Face
Adidas Sports

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